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Teams and Organizations

Bringing people together where everyone benefits from each other

Teams and Organizations, Community Members, and Businesses are all brought together through the dCommunity gateway.



Communicate with all Users

dCommunity is a central place you can go to send information to all your members. Members can chat and communicate with teams and organizations and each other.

Group Discussion

Post Information

Upcoming Events & Games


dCommunity help to get sponsorship

Sponsor Posting Advertising And Surveys

Great way to get sponsors to help fund your team or organization while giving you members access to earnings and prizes.

Contests For The Users To Participate

Your members will be rewarded by entering campaigns to win prizes. Prizes are real value and rewarded by the sponsors.
You can also run your own team, inter-team or inter-league contests and engagements.

Organization Gets The Benefit


You will receive sponsorship money, equipment or supplies that your team or organization is in need of.


Teams and Organizations will benefit from increased funding channels.

Increase Users

dCommunity Teams and Organizations will build awareness and create lasting connections between members and the community

Teams And Organizations Great Knowledge On Crypto Currency Benefits

Greater Transprancy

Better Security

Improved Traceability

Increased Efficiency

How To Set Up A Crypto Wallet

Download A Wallet App

You need a wallet to get started and we are recommending Coinbase they are user-friendly and simple to set up.

Create Your Account

Set up your account – you can follow our step by step tutorial to help you get started.

Be Sure To Write Down Your Private Key

Your private key is very important in the decentralized world. Be sure to write down and keep it in a safe and secure place.

Transfer Crypto To Your Wallet

Fund your wallet with crypto. You can find some great tips on coins in our crypto tab.

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