Where Main Street Meets Metaverse

Those of us who came together to form dCommunity have all fallen down the crypto rabbit hole, and never come up. We see the shift to decentralization and disruptive change associated with the upcoming adoption of cryptocurrencies and web3 technologies being bigger than the previous internet and smartphone revolutions combined. We are also firmly entrenched within the legacy systems that these new technologies will gobble market from.

We are positioning dCommunity to become a one-stop digital gateway for the Billion+ people (and businesses that come with them) who are about to enter this space.

dCommunity is an easy, safe, and inviting onramp for individuals and businesses to dip their toes into the web3/crypto economic ecosystem – and anything and everything beyond that. On the other side of that is the web3 community which will share in the growth of dCommunity in multiple ways – from revenue shares, to earning opportunities, our NFT rewards and much more.

As we wait for the official Litepaper to be released, we invite you to look at the dCommunity Roadmap, and join us on our journey from mainstreet to metaverse.

dCommunity Kickoff and Roadmap

Initial Launch

  • Market Analysis
  • Initial Structure and Funding
  • Launch of Community Build
  • Initial Decentraland Asset Purchases
  • Roadmap and Initial Build Kickoff


dCommunity Beta

  • Website Development
  • SAAS Integrations
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Halloween NFT Drop
  • Litepaper and Pitch Deck Audit
  • Community Earn Campaigns
  • Christmas NFT Drop


Partnerships and Community

  • Beta Partnerships
  • dCommunity Estate Expansion
  • St. Patricks’ Day NFT Drop
  • Accelerated client push
  • Earn and Bonus Earn for NFT Holders


Open It Up

  • Accelerated Marketing
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Accelerated Earn and Bonus Earn
  • Cinco de Mayo NFT MEGA Drop
  • Ecosystem Expansion


dCommunity – the Longer Road


The Rollout

Complete Development of Client Portal

Community Incubator Beta

Cross Promotional Campaigns – Walled Garden Beta

Pre-token Mint 1 Year Halloween Anniversary Drop for dCommunity Members.


dCommunity Beta

dCommunity Token Launch Event

Cross Promotional Campaigns
Between Clients Beta

Analytics Revenue Build

Full Web3 Partnership Integrations